Auto Insurance Implications Of Determining Fault

All About Insurance - Once a driver is found to be the main cause of an accident his/her car insurance rates would increase at the next renewal. The rises will depend on the size of the accident and the previous driving history. Sometimes, the rates can skyrocket especially when this is the second or third incident in a short space of time. It may even lead to immediate cancellation of the policy if the policyholder was under the influence of alcohol at the time.
Generally companies follow the evidence when they work out who is at fault in an accident. There may be several companies involved if it is a multi-car crash. The outcome must be acceptable to each of them and therefore conclusive evidence need to be used. Sometimes, you may come across a driver who is totally nonsense in the scene and making wild allegations towards other drivers involved. However, being the loudest will not work when everything else point towards that person.

It may take a while but they will look at the details provided by you, other drivers and witnesses. Generally, there would be a police report in most crashes. When there is such report it will be highly relied upon. Otherwise, it is sensible to take a few pictures before clearing the scene. Today, nearly everyone has mobile phones with camera that this should not be a problem. It is in your best interest to provide as much information as you can.
Car insurance companies would send a loss adjustor to investigate the incident on their behalf. Policyholders may feel that adjustors are trying to corner them. However it is in their best interest to conclude the claim fast and amicably. They would not like to fall in conflict with the policyholder and take the prolonged and even sometimes legally complicated route. Besides, they are on the same side as you when they need to defend you against the claims from third parties.
It is possible that both drivers may be found at fault or it is allocated as a percentage of the blame. Then, companies work out a settlement between themselves. If you were totally innocent and third party insurers paid for all the damages you should not really see any difference in your renewal terms. It would be treated as if nothing happened in terms of calculating the cost of insuring you.
If you want to keep low auto insurance rates you need to take every help you can get to refute allegations that your cause the accident within reasons. Failing that, your best course of action would be to zero the clock and start building good driving records from then onward. Still, you will have to shop around harder to find more reasonable carrier which may offer an agreeable premium despite the claims.



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