Insurance Risks Associated With Letting Others Drive Your Automobile

All About Insurance - When arranging auto insurance coverage drivers may need to tell about their marital status and who else living with them that has any chance of driving the vehicle. Usually, companies include the partners and other people living in the same house as possible drivers even they will not and not related to the policyholder in any way. Probably this provision makes it simple for the firms and they like to know about their age and driving history.
Also there are other people who may drive the vehicle occasionally. What would happen if you have allowed a friend to go and fetch something with your automobile? What is the position of your house guests who are staying with you only couple of weeks? These are the areas to consider. Before handing over the keys easily to others you need to be sure that they and your car will be insured within your policy. The answers to these concerns can be different depending on the policy arranged.
Some companies offer policies that cover only the named drivers. By doing that companies have full knowledge of who can drive the auto and therefore they can offer favorable quotes. So, when you are getting a cheap car insurance policy you need to check the terms and conditions. It may just be that the company offering the deal is highly competitive or there are special conditions that allow them to cut the rates.
In such cases, you cannot hand over the keys without consulting to your current policy provider. It may actually be unpractical to talk to them each time someone will occasionally need access to your vehicle. It is highly unlikely for many families that this will ever happen. That is why it may be wise to go for a cheaper policy with restricted drivers. In the odd chance that out of town relatives comes to stay with you for a while you can call the car insurer and add them for the specific period that they will have access to your automobile.
If there is no restrictions as to who can drive the vehicle it is likely that you can allow others drive your auto on occasional bases. One thing you need to keep in mind that there will be a claim on your insurance if these people you allowed causes an accident. Insurance follows the vehicle regardless of the driver having separate insurance or not. Your policy would be first in line for the damages. If it is exhausted the actual driver’s policy may come into play.
Once it is established that the person who caused the accident with your car has the permission to operate it your policy will have to pay for liabilities, injuries and damages. If ever your policy limits are spent the driver or his/her insurer may be responsible for the rest of the claims. You or your insurer is not responsible for damages and injuries caused to others by someone whole took it without your knowledge or permission.
It is essential that vehicle owners know the consequences of landing their cars to others. Otherwise they may have to deal with a complicated situation that causes a lot of grief, financial loss and damages friendships.


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